Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Health - Hauora Powtoon

Hauora Powtoon

Huora is the four dimensions of the Whare Tapa Wha. The Dimensions are Taha Tinana(Physical), Taha Hinengaro(Mental/Emotional), Taha Wairua(Spiritual) and Taha Whanau(Social). 

Social Media affects me socially by letting me communicate with friends and family overseas, which helps me exercise other ways of communication with others.
Attending Church allows me to praise the lord, which gives me spiritual strength and guidance.
Going for walks with friends and family affects me by allowing me to get exercise, which benefits me physically.
Listening to influential and inspirational music uplifts my thinking and mood, which affects me Mentally and Emotionally.


Alisi said...

Hi Loma... I like how you presented you're Hauora through POWTOON. I really liked the video and how you stay active to these 4 dimensions by doing different things. Keep up the good work. :D

Georgia Dougherty said...

Hey Loloma, I really like how each of your dimensions are very different! I like how your backgrounds were related to what you wrote about. Your next challenge - could you please explain HOW each of those examples affect the dimensions? For example how does social media affect your social wellbeing? Look forward to your explanations! Miss D :)

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