Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My entrepreneurial qualities

My entrepreneurial qualities

Three entrepreneurial qualities i have is, reliability, being a good team member and Leadership. I am reliable because i am able to be given a job or task to complete and i will achieve to aim high and will accomplish it to the highest of my ability. An example of this is when i was recently assigned many tasks on education perfect, during the holiday, and i completed them all, with 100%. Another one of my many entrepreneurial qualities is being a good team member. One of the many examples of when this quality was shown, was when i participated in the Mathematics Mathex competition last term, where me and my group now hold the school’s record, with 75 points. I contributed to the group by answering as many questions as i could and also was the runner for half the competition. I am able to show great leadership skills through my hardworking attitude and persistence i constantly show. I take all the opportunities i can get when presented with them and make sure the whole group is included in knowing what to do and how to do it. Being a leader takes dedication and confidence, which is something i take pride in having.

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Sonya Robertson said...

Awesome qualities to have Loma. It has been a pleasure watching you apply these special characteristic in class particularly during group work presentations. You show great leadership qualities and will make an awesome leader in the future.

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