Thursday, December 8, 2016

Summary: 'Exposure to bacteria at a young age'

Exposure to bacteria at a young age.

This summary is about new parents being too careful of their young children, being exposed to bacteria. This can cause a lot of things, like children not being able to process or digest the right foods properly. This means their system is not immune to bacteria and leads to their bodies, not knowing how to react when it's faced with it. Young/new parents need to understand the importance of letting kids go outside and getting a bit messy, its important for kids to get fresh air. They need to understand that this is actually healthy for kids and can benefit them especially in the future. So to all new parents, please do not hesitate if your kid gets a little bit dirty.

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Nicola Wells said...

You have really hit the main points in the article well Loma, it must have been from all your in-depth group discussions! Have you been doing any reading during the holidays?

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